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Chapter 10 Early China Study Guide now available   

Early China agenda- Chapter 10  

Tuesday, Feb. 13- Chapter 10 content vocabulary - all of chapter 10. 

Wednesday, Feb. 14- Early China packet includes what do you know preview, content vocabulary practice, geography map labeling, reading and questions about the Shang dynasty. Ch.10.1. 

Thursday, Feb. 15- Review and discussion of key ideas about the Shang dynasty. Review of geography features and video of wild china exploring some of the geography and wildlife. Ch.10.1

Friday, Feb. 16- 1/2 day! 40 minute classes. Today we will read and discuss the key ideas about the Zhou dynasty. chapter 10.1. 

Monday, Feb. 19. - NO SCHOOL. Presidents Day.

Tuesday, Feb. 20- Chapter 10. 3 on the Qin and Han dynasties

Wed, Feb. 21- Chapter 10.2 on China's social class and philosophies. 

Thursday, Feb. 22- Chapter 10 TEST on early China. 

Ancient India study guide for chapter 9 is now available. TEST is tomorrow.   

New updated announcement for India's agenda. Please check agenda.   

India Agenda and Outline of Key Ideas under the forms tab posted  

Fri., 2/2- Ch.9.1 Geography of India (pages 248-249) Video- India: Nature's Wonderland. 

Mon., 2/5- Chapter 9.1. The Indus Valley Civilization, Aryan Migrations and Settlements, and Ancient Indian society. Print out of guided reading turned in from classwork with the substitute. 

Tues., 2/6- Review of chapter 9. 1 lesson. Ch.9.2 Religions of India. Online guided reading document and venn diagram worked on in class today. Finish for homework. 

Wed., 2/7- Ch.9. 2 Hinduism 

Thurs., 2/8- Ch.9. 2 Buddhism and Jainism 

Fri., 2/9- Ch.9.3 Indian Empires 

Mon. 2/12 - Ch. 9.3 Indian achievements 

Tues. 2/ 13- TEST on chapter 9. Chapter 10 Vocabulary. 


NTN- Not turned in on INOW information  

Some students have not turned in daily classwork/ or homework and it is described in the gradebook as NTN which counts as a 0 until the student turns in the work. I have extended the due date activity and students can still turn in the work with some late points off. Please turn in the assignments. 

6.4 Main Ideas Outline has now been added under the forms tab   

Chapter 6.3 key ideas under the forms section  

Chapter 6 Ancien Israelites Study Guide  

Chapter 6 Study Guide is now available for your viewing. Please use this to study for your test on Thursday, Feb. 1. The study guide is located under the forms tab. 

Chapter 6, lesson 2 outline of key ideas under the forms tab  

An outline of the main ideas that we discussed in class are under the forms tab. Review these key ideas as you study. 

Outline of key ideas for ch.6, lesson 1 under the forms tab   

Chapter 6 Ancient Israelites Agenda  

Thursday, 1/25- After Egypt and Kush test define new vocabulary for chapter 6. Yellow hightlighted words at the beginning of each of the four lessons. Pages 140, 148, 154, and 160. Keep in notebook. Finish for homework if not completed in class today. 

Friday, 1/26- Chapter 6.1 lesson. Israelites beginnings. Video - The beginning.

Monday, 1/29- Chapter 6.1 review and video- The Exodus. Chapter 6.2 lesson. Kings of Israel. 

Tuesday, 1/30- chapter 6.2 review and video- King Saul, David, and Solomon. Chapter 6.3 lesson on Judaism. Mini-posters reflecting content with required criteria. Some time will be allowed in class tomorrow but students may want to finish most of it for homework. 

Wednesday, 1/31- chapter 6.3 review and video on the Babylonian Captivity and Daniel in the Lions Den. Chapter 6.4 lesson- Jews in the Mediterranean. Greeks and Romans. Venn Diagram. 

Thursday, Feb. 1- Chapter 6 on-line assessment. Define new vocabulary words for ancient India-chapter 9. 

Chapter 5 Egypt and Kush Study Guide   

Study guide is under the tab titled forms. Download to view and or print.




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Ancient Egypt Agenda / Chapter 5  

Thursday 1/18 - Makeup test on Mesopotamia and preview ancient Egypt. Content vocabulary words ( 15 words from chapter 5 due in notebook ) Identified and defined. 

Friday 1/19- Ch.5.1 The Nile Valley/ notetaking strategy. Finish writing key facts under each of the red headings and sub-headings following the document provided on mcgraw-hill online. 

Monday 1/22- Notetaking key facts due today. Review chapter 5.1 lesson. Video on Egypt. The Search for Tutankahamen.

Tuesday 1/23- chapter 5.2 and 5.3 small collaborative groups. Chunking of topics. Students will work on in class and finish for homework if they don't finish in class. Presentations tomorrow. 

Wednesday 1/24- Collaborative groups present their topics from the Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms. Chapter 5.4 lesson: The civilization of Kush. 

Thursday 1/25- ON_LINE ASSESSMENT on chapter 5- Ancient Egypt

Chapters 3 and 4  

This week we will be studying chapters 3 and 4 and will test on Thursday, Jan. 11. 

Study Guide is posted under the forms section. 

Students will need to make sure they read their online student edition. They also were provided a student workbook. We have a class set using the student text in class. 

Other provided resources including presentations and outlines of key ideas are on our student edition site. 


Welcome to the 2018 school year!   

Welcome to Ancient World History!! Please check this webpage often for announcements, forms, presentations, and more! The class syllabus is under the heading titled forms.