Subjects Taught


Masters of Education with an Emphasis in History, University of North Alabama

B.A. in Spanish and History, University of North Alabama

Certified and Highly Qualified Status in the State of Alabama in the subject areas of Spanish, History, and English as a Second Language



I have seven years experience teaching Spanish, English as a Second Language, Introduction to Foreign Languages, and History in Alabama public schools and taught English as a Second Language to adults both online and for a community college for 3 years. I have studied and traveled abroad in Spain, Mexico, and Costa Rica.


I love exploring languages and cultures and inspiring that curiosity in others. Learning a language can seem intimidating to students so I enjoy helping them discover that learning a language is possible and encouraging them to build their skills and confidence. My father is an immigrant to the USA and he traveled a lot when I was a child, so traveling and learning about other cultures has always interested me and led me to choose the teaching fields of Spanish and English as a Second Language.

While at the University of North Alabama I studied in Salamanca, Spain and traveled to many of Spain's major cities, visiting castles, churches, mosques and museums.  I later volunteered as an interpreter for vision missions to Mexico and gave near-sighted exams and took medical histories for over 400 patients per day. I love hiking, forests, and animals and (so far!) have been to volcanoes in both Mexico and Costa Rica. 

I'm married and have a 3 year old son and 13 year old stepdaughter. We like like traveling, hiking (especially to volcanoes and waterfalls), photography (nature and fine art mostly), reading, and airplanes. I speak some German, a little French, and love learning words in other languages.