Subjects Taught
Physical Education


High School: Smiths Station High School (1997-2000) Smiths, Alabama

College: University of West Alabama (2000-2002)

                Faulkner University (2002-2005) Received Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education


Teaching Experience: ISS Sanford Middle School (2006)

                                       P.E. Smiths Station Primary School (2006-2008)

                                       P.E. Discovery Middle School (2008-Present)

Coaching Experience: Varsity Baseball Beauregaurd High School (Spring 2006)

                                        Varsity Football Beauregaurd High School (Spring 2006)

                                        Varsity Baseball Smiths Station High School (2006-2008)

                                        9th Grade Football Smiths Station High School (2006-2008)

                                        Varsity Assistant Wrestling Smiths Station High School (2006)

                                        Head Baseball Coach Discovery Middle School (2008-Present)

                                        Football Assistant Discovery Middle School (2008-Present)



I've taught PE and also have been the head baseball coach at DMS for nine years. 

My favorite sports teams: Auburn Tigers (WAR EAGLE!) and the Atlanta Braves.

I am married to Holly Wood who is a third grade teacher at Priceville Elementary. We have a son and daughter.Their names are Trent (6) and Charlie (5).