Emma Wilbanks Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Performing Arts

I was raised in Montgomery, Alabama, and attended Robert E. Lee High School. I continued my education at Troy State University, the University of Alabama, and Augusta College earning a BA degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Art.


Augusta, Georgia                                   Third Grade, Self-contained
                                                              Seventh Grade, Language Arts, Science
Leavenworth, Kansas                              Reading Specialist
Madison County, Alabama                     First Grade, Self-contained
                                                              Eighth Grade, Civics, Language Arts/English
Fairfax County, Virginia                        Kindergarten, Self-contained
                                                              First Grade, Self-contained
Madison County/City, Alabama             Seventh and Eighth Grade, Performing Arts
                                                              Seventh Grade, Social Studies
                                                              Seventh Grade, Visual Arts
                                                              Eighth Grade, Performing Arts
                                                              Eighth Grade, Language Arts/English
                                                              Ninth Grade, Speech
                                                              Ninth Grade, Introduction to Drama