"Check Your TIE"
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Sunday, January 07, 2018
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The Discovery Middle School Language Arts department has spearheaded a school wide initiative to put a focus on proper writing techniques. 

TIE stands for “Turn In Expectations”.

The initiative is simple; each teacher will check a student’s work for the following content, regardless of subject area. If the work does not meet expectations, students will be asked to review their work and “Check Your TIE”.

The TIE expectations are as follows:

  • Always capitalize the pronoun ‘I.’
  • Always capitalize the first letter of a sentence.
  • Always capitalize proper nouns (e.g. America or Suzy).
  • Always use an end-of-sentence punctuation mark.
  • Always indent a new paragraph.

The expectation is that TIE will help students practice proper writing techniques in each of their classes, hence making them better writers overall.

Academic excellence is our goal at DMS!

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