IMPORTANT: Impact Aid Forms
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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Dear Discovery Parents and Guardians,

A very important piece of paper is being sent home with each child today (Wednesday, Sept. 20).

It is the federal Impact Aid form that can mean significant federal funding for our school district. The form simply asks for the employer name and workplace address of each parent or guardian of our students.

Madison City has received more than $3 million from this funding source since becoming a school district. Federal Impact Aid qualifying has also brought in $8 million in federal grants since 2010 alone.

You play a crucial role in securing this money by simply filling out and returning the Impact Aid form. Be sure to complete and return a form for each child you have in one of our schools. Please do so even if you are not sure your employment qualifies. School personnel will vet the forms that qualify.

Madison City Schools Superintendent Robby Parker and one of our parents explain the program in this brief video:

So, what is Impact Aid? It is essentially money the federal government pays in lieu of taxes to schools that educate the children of federal workers. Simply working on federal property like on Redstone Arsenal (NASA, Army, federal courthouse, the postal service, TVA, federal housing authority), will qualify the district for this money no matter if it is a military, civil service or private contractor job. One form per child is required.

We must have a signed hard copy of an Impact Aid form for each child.

Thank you for helping us to better serve you!

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