DMS St. Jude Penny, Coin & Dollar Drive 2017
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Sunday, November 05, 2017
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St. Jude Penny, Coin & Dollar Drive 2017


Beginning Monday, November 6th, we will begin our Penny, Coin & Dollar Drive Competition for St. Jude!

The competition will be held in all “A Block” classes.  And, the winning teachers A Block class will receive a pizza party in December (date TBD).

Here are the rules:

All money brought in will be converted and will count to determine a winner.


  • Each PENNY dropped into the container in your “A Block” class will count as ONE point for your class!
  • Each PAPER DOLLAR BILL, such a $1, $5, $10, $20, bill etc…, dropped in the container in YOUR class will count as DOUBLE Penny Points for YOUR class!  For example, if you are in Mr Putmans “A” Block and you bring in a One Dollar Bill it will be worth 200 points, and if you bring in a Five Dollar bill it is worth 1,000 points, a Ten Dollar Bill is worth 2,000 points, and so on...!
  • BUT, if you want to bring down the total of a competitor's “A Block” class, you must bring in SILVER or GOLD coins, such as Dollar Coins, Half Dollars, Quarters, Nickels, and Dimes, and deposit them in the opposing “A Block’s” St. Jude Container in that classroom.  The silver and gold coins only count as single penny points...meaning that a quarter will deduct 25 points and a dime will deduct 10 points.  So, if you are wanting to deduct points, you will need to double up on your silver and gold coin donations.
  • Each day a total of the winner’s points in each grade will be announced so everyone will know how much money to bring the following day to get that Pizza Party for their class.  
  • All in all, pennies and bills are positives and silver and gold coins are negatives.


Let’s show St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital that Discovery Middle Students really care by giving all we can to help them research and fight Childhood Cancer!

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