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S2S Logo
S2S Logo

The MCEC Student 2 Student (S2S) program trains civilian and military-connected high school students to establish and sustain peer-based programs in their schools to support mobile children as they transition to and from the school.  Building on this successful program, the MCEC Junior Student 2 Student (JS2S) program is for middle school students, addressing the needs of a vulnerable age group.  Contact the advisors if you are interested in joining…


A delegation from the school is trained to provide leadership to support students who are transitioning to or from their school.  The team is composed of advisors and students.  The focus is student-centered, and is student-led, with close supervision.  Therefore, this program is designed to be led by students who uphold positive character.  Our character is much more than just what we try to display for others to see, it is who we are even when no one is watching. 


Bravo Company Collection:

       List of needed items:

Bravo Company - 115th ESB

100 members in the unit

7th grade collect:

·      travel sized:

o   shampoo

o   body wash

o   deodorant

o   toothpaste

·      laundry pods & dryer sheets

·      air freshner:

o   febreze

o   little trees

            cannot have candles

·      letter writing supplies

·      Suncreen

·      Chapstick

·      Kleenex

·      Baby wipes

·      Hand Sanitzer

·      Eye Drops/Saline Nose spray

·      Puzzle Books (crossword type)

·      Batteries

8th grade collect:

·      Individual wrapped snacks

o   Protein bars

o   Slim jims/beef jerky

o   Fruit snacks

o   Chips

o   Crackers

o   Pretzels

·      Ramen Noodles

·      Powered Drink Mixes

·      Individual Packets of Condiments (ketchup, mustard, etc)

·      Packs of Gum

·      Hard Candy

·      Ziploc Bags (all sizes)


Congratulations to our 2017 - 2018 jS2S Officers:

     Co-Presidents:  Ashley King, Alia McGee, and Camden Quick

     Vice President:  Hyatt Kamel

     Secretary:  Brenna Oxley

     Historian:  Marley Taylor


News Articles about Week of the Military Child Events


  • 7th Grade jS2S member T-shirt's:
    Please have your parents go to the link below to order you a purple jS2S t-shirt ASAP.

  • Upcoming Dates:
    1.  Training of New Members - Saturday, September 23rd from 9am to 2pm
    2.  Football Tailgating - TBA
    3.  Veterans Day Assembly - November 9th - More details to come.