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John  Hampton
In-School Suspension

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ISS Instructor

Hello, my name is John Hampton and I am the In School Suspension Instructor here at Discovery Middle School.  I have held this position for the past 6 years and I thoroughly enjoy making a positive impact in the lives of the Discovery Middle School student body.  I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Science Degree in Secondary Education/History.

On a more personal note, my wife and I are the proud parents of two sons, Zacchaeus and Johnathan.  In my spare time, I like to read, play sports, and exercise, and spend valuable family time with my wife and sons.  I am also a fan of SEC football, the Tennessee Titans, and the Miami Heat (NBA).


1.        I will not eat, drink, or chew while in ISS.

2.        I will not leave ISS without getting permission from the ISS Instructor.

3.        I will not sleep in ISS.  I will read and educate myself to keep from sleeping.

4.        I will pick up all forms of litter from around my desk daily.

5.        I will have all of my supplies and books before coming to ISS.

6.        I will not use any forms of electronic communication, i.e., cell phones, I-pods, PSP's, etc., in ISS.

7.        I will not write or draw on any desks, walls, books, or any other school property.

8.        I will not steal in ISS.  I will respect myself and others.

9.        I will not use profanity in ISS.

10.      I will not use ISS student computers to play games or to go to uneducational sites     unless given permission from the ISS Instructor.

11.      I will not throw, toss, flip, or kick anything in ISS.

12.      I will not talk nor walk without permission.

13.      I will not harass, horseplay, nor fight in ISS.

14.      I understand that while in ISS, I will finish all work given by my teachers.  They are giving this work not as punishment but to keep me from falling behind in class.  I will complete each assignment before starting a new one.

15.      I will not talk to anyone while going to and in the restroom.

16.      I am able to get a drink of water after I use the restroom and only after.

17.      I do have the choice not to go to the restroom and get a drink of water; however, I will be quiet while the rest of the students take their turn.

18.      I will line up in a single file line and walk to the lunchroom in a single file line.

19.      I will not talk while going to and from the lunchroom.